The Secrets of Spanish Tennis 

Spanish Tennis or the Spanish Method has become synonymous with world-class tennis success in the past 30 years.

What makes Spanish Tennis so unique? And what exactly are those Spanish coaches doing so differently to develop superstars that other systems are not doing? These are the main questions to be answered in this book. The Secrets of Spanish Tennis is the culmination of many years of study on the Spanish Way of training. I have visited many of the top Spanish academies and studied with and interviewed some of the leading coaches in Spain to discern and distill this unique and special training methodology.

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The Real Secret of Spanish Tennis

Is that Spain has produced countless world-class players from foreign countries, especially Russia, and Eastern and Northern European countries. Spain is considered the best "finishing school" for players from all across Europe to prepare for the professional tour.

If the world understood that Spain has trained and developed many more world-class players than the 12-15 ATP Spanish born players consistently in the world top 100, the true dominance of the Spanish system would be better appreciated.

In addition, in the last decade there has been a diaspora of Spanish coaches, with elite Spanish coaches taking up leading roles in Federation training programs around the world, for example, Jose Higueras with the USTA and Felix Mantilla with Tennis Australia. These and other high profile Spanish coaches and former pro players have developed yet another cadre of Spanish trained but not Spanish born players. 

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